The Berg Motion Case, Captivating and Timeless

Spin Display Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the only high volume – high visibility rotating store fixture known as the Berg Motion Case. Consult with us about this unrivaled display case. You will learn how the magic of motion increases product awareness in a customer or how a prized collection can finally come out of the drawer and be securely displayed for you to enjoy and share.

Spin Display is Your Resource for the Berg Motion Case Going Back to 1950

Berg Rotating Display Case for Sale70 years ago, Ben Berg introduced a display case which totally captured the attention of shoppers and created a new awareness about merchandising. The first model in production was called the Berg Selector. Today, Spin Display is staying on course by offering the Berg Motion Case. Upgrades have not displaced the true core of the original revolutionary design. Spin Display is the only company to manufacture, sell, and offer repair support of the original Berg Selector vertical rotating product display fixture and later models.

An array of trays, revolving like a Ferris wheel, provides more display area in less physical space. As much as 73% more display area provides a clear advantage over a static showcase of the same size. Customers are able to control the forward and reverse motion of the shelves with the press of a button. Attracted by the motion and captivated, a customer will wait to see what every shelf holds as it comes around! It provides the perfect way to display a collection, sell diverse items or develop an interest in small, hard to merchandise, products.

Spin Display manufactures the Berg Motion Case in standard and custom finishes matching your decor. We also offer replacement parts and repairs for the Selector, A-Model (Model A), and B-Model fixtures. Please contact us for everything from replacement trays, switches, gears, to a variety of OEM parts manufactured for the rotational merchandise display.

A Unique Store Fixture

To display more, generate better customer interest and get people excited about the products on display, contact Spin Display Inc. today! Our knowledgeable sales associate will answer any question and acquaint you with all the features and benefits of a Berg Motion Case.
  • Berg Motion Cases show off your merchandise in a secure, compact, and visually elaborate way to captivate and intrigue onlookers.
  • As the customer controls the motion, each tray passes through a “Top Shelf” viewing area well illuminated with LED lighting. Totally secure and just inches below the glass every tray provides the best possible product viewing.
  • Our display fixture is perfect for a broad range of display needs—from jewelry and antique shops, sporting goods and memorabilia, head & pawn shops, to museums and personal collections.
  • Spin Display is the exclusive manufacturer of this display case! We’re also your all-in-one resource for parts and repair information to keep your case running smoothly.
We’re highly responsive to inquiries and questions, providing you with the parts and information you need to enjoy your Berg Motion Case. Click here to read the Berg showcase history.

Proudly offering you the unique Berg Motion Case factory direct!

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