Berg Replacement Parts & Support

Spin Display will support, to the best of its ability, all motion cases manufactured by The Berg Company and Berg Showcase Manufacturing. Some quantities are limited. Availability is not guaranteed.

Thousands of the original Berg Selectors and A-Models are still in service today. Spin Display Inc. supports these fine cases by supplying technical assistance, wiring diagrams, and parts (subject to availability). The parts you need for your Berg Motion Case to keep it running true to form can be found below. If you do not find what you are looking for or have questions contact us with your needs and we’ll help you get your case back to working order.

The Berg Motion Case is surprisingly easy to maintain and repair. We are happy to discuss repair issues and troubleshoot problems. Sometimes a brief email is enough but other times it would be better to work through a problem via a phone conversation. Give us a call!

Some of our products…