History of the Berg Selector Display Case

History of the Berg Selector Display CabinetThe roots of the Berg Motion Display go back to 1938. Ben Berg, of Madison, WI, had the idea for a showcase with rotating shelves. He developed and tested his prototype for the next several years. Around 1946, he had refined the design enough to build the first model and deploy it in his store: Berg Sporting Goods.

The first model displayed tied flies and fishing lures. His “rotator showcase” was perfect for these flies—very small and traditionally difficult to merchandise. Multiple trays revolved in a Ferris wheel motion, displaying over 400 different varieties of flies and lures.

Berg’s cases were more successful than he ever imagined. This new style of revolving display case—which evolved into the “Berg Selector”—netted a 500% increase in sales!

fixture in retail stores

A Fixture in Retail Stores

Berg manufactured his revolving display case until Dairy Equipment Corporation (DEC) purchased the company around 1950.

DEC continued production of the Selector and developed a full line of showcase and fixtures under the name The Berg Company. The Selector was updated and renamed the Model-A Motion Display in 1961. Salesmen had some difficulty trying to promote a Model -A so the sales force changed the name to the A-Model. It became so popular it was literally a ‘fixture’ in retail stores across the country! The Berg Company (as a subsidiary of DEC) produced the fixtures for 30 years.

Copycats and Closings

In 1972, Jahabow Industries began to manufacture a similar display called the Pro-Motion Revolving Display. While the mechanism was different from the Berg Model-A, the function was the same. Jahabow Industries manufactured the Pro-Motion for several years before giving up on the rotating case and discontinuing production in the mid-1980s.

In 1982, the showcase division of The Berg Company was sold. Thereafter, Berg Showcase Manufacturing, Inc. of Longmont, CO began producing the Berg showcase line. The last Model-A Motion Display was built near the end of 1998, shortly before the company went out of business.

the classics

Spin Display Inc. Takes Over

In 1998 Spin Display Inc. in Boulder, Colorado—began producing the next generation Model-A known as the Berg Motion Case. Spin Display has continued the evolution by improving and updating the “Berg Motion Case” taking care to maintain the important features that made it’s predecessors the very best in motion.

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